Three meaningful quotes

Three meaningful quotes

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I’m a fan of the writer Malcolm Gladwell.  In the recent New Yorker, he wrote an article about technology, innovation, and corporate management.  Two quotes struck me as particularly meaningful for my studio work.

Quality is a probabilistic function of quantity“.  That is, the more work I create, the better the chances are of creating something really good.

I’m aware of the limits of my own “talent”.  Rather than working on one ultimate expression, a masterpiece, I’ve always worked on many things at once–earning the quality that happens through the discipline of studio work.  One thing leads to another, and the work evolves more quickly when I work that way.  Process and discovery are two things that motivate me to keep making things.

The other quote was: “The game is what you catch, not what you spill“.  We spill a lot in the studio.  Most of what we make is spillage.  That’s true when I’m printmaking as well.  I make loads of printed parts (like beads), and then sort them into piles, then start laying them out into combinations that tell a story of sorts.  Like beads, the printed parts can keep evolving until they “ripen” to a finish.  When that happens is a visceral decision; it just feels right.

And while I’m on a roll with quotes, another favorite, from Picasso:  “Inspiration does exist, but she must find you working

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