Teresa Faris collaboration

Teresa Faris collaboration

Teresa Faris collaboration

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About three years ago, we started a collaborative project with Teresa Faris from Madison, WI.  We met Teresa at a conference sponsored by the Racine Art Museum, where we admired each others work.  She explained that she’s been working on a project that she calls, “a collaboration with a bird”.  By that, she means her bird Charmin chews up dyed wooden toys that Teresa uses as the basis for her jewelry.  She obviously enjoys cutting metal with a jeweler’s saw too.  In our Philadelphia studio, Steve had collected and baked off cuts from tube work that seemed too interesting to throw away.  We didn’t know what to do with them ourselves, but when we met Teresa, and figured out that she likes the challenge of working with byproducts, we sent her a large gallon Ziploc bag of “chips”.  We warned that she couldn’t use a torch near the polymer or it would burn, so she came up with an ingenious solution to daisy chain together the small polymer chips.   Her inventiveness and energetic enthusiasm for the collaboration, was exciting for us.  We’re making plans for a larger necklace….stay tuned.


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