Red Carpet @ Sundance Film Festival

Red Carpet @ Sundance Film Festival

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This year I joined my wife, Debrianna Mansini, at Sundance Film Festival.   Debrianna works in film, television and theater. This was our first time at Sundance.  We had no idea what to expect. The town of Park City, Utah  is taken over by the movie industry for 2 weeks.  Main street is packed with people. I am certain we stood next to or had lunch across from many stars we did not recognize.  I am one of the worst at recognizing famous faces.  At times, it was obvious when people like  Kurt Russell were on the street and gracious enough to stick around for photos with anyone that wanted to stand next to them.  Or when I could not get out of the theater because the galaxy of people spinning around Robert Redford was blocking the exit.  Redford was executive producer on the film Debrianna was in, “Drunktown’s Finest.”  But other moments were more down to earth and it felt like I was not looking at a hologram of a famous person but just a person I recognize, like a family member or friend.  We shared a nice afternoon tea and chat with Bob Odenkirk , enjoyed an intimate Damon Albarn concert sitting near Maggie Gyllenhaal, had lunch at a table next to William H. Macy and mistakenly thought the guy that just walked by us talking with his friend was Kevin Bacon when we realized later it was Ethan Hawk.  I don’t even think Bacon was there.

Many of the “A”  list stars are seen dressed down in jeans, plaid shirt and ski cap while some of us mortals dressed up in our best  American handcrafted  finery.  In preparation for being photographed at many parties and events, plans were made to be sure part of Debrianna’s look included FordForlano jewelry.

Debrianna Mansini with Shell Necklace and earrings

Debrianna Mansini wearing Shell Necklace and earrings























Debrianna played a supporting role in a film called “Drunktown’s Finest” by Director/Writer, Sydney Freeland.  This is Freeland’s debut film and is her response to a news story that characterized her hometown of Gallup, New Mexico, as “Drunktown, USA.”  Robert Redford was at the premier to introduce Freeland and her film to the audience.   I captured Redford’s intro on video.  The theater was packed.  Most of the cast and crew, sat in the center of the theater with us.

Mansini Forlano

Debrianna Mansini and David Forlano





















Debrianna is also wearing the clothing of Santa Fe artist, Magita Story. Story is the owner/creator of Elven Velvet. I am wearing one of my favorite shirts by Frittelli and Lockwood and a scarf by Amy Putansu/ Putansu Textiles. Needless to say, I was very proud of my wife as I always am when I see her on the big screen.


Debrianna Mansini

Debrianna Mansini wearing a Pebble Cascade Necklace


















For the premier of the film, Debrianna wore our earrings and one of our pebble cascade necklaces.  Her clothing is by designer, Danielle Foster-Herbst. We enjoyed the week at Sundance with many friends.  Seen here is our dear friend and portrait artist , Robbi Firestone.  Debrianna is wearing a FordForlano tube necklace and a shearling coat by Santa Fe artist, Cindy Spolek. Robbi is wearing our button earrings as well a a big bead necklace (which is not seen in this photo).

Debrianna and Robbi

Debrianna Mansini and Robbi Firestone

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    1. Judy Dunn  - January 26, 2014 - 12:44 pm
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      So nice to see the photos of your wife wearing your jewelry in such high profile settings. She is a wonderful model for your work, and I am sure, a talented actress as well, to be getting so many great opportunities. I think it is great that you so graciously acknowledged all the other creatives whose work you were wearing. Bravo! Hope you had fun amidst all the hoopla.

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