Print/painting collaborations

Print/painting collaborations

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Untitled, 2010

Untitled, 2010

For the last year and a half, Dave and I have been working on some fine art collaborations as well as our jewelry. I started getting involved with printmaking again after making some linoleum cut holiday cards with my partner, Ron. This grew into a series of hand water-colored relief prints, some reduction relief prints (one block printed many times, changing the block for each layer), and now a group of richly layered bases that I send to Dave in Santa Fe. There in his studio, he sits with them, until he decides what to add that will transform them into something new. Sometimes his work finishes the piece and sometimes he sends them back to me for more work. It’s a lot like the way that we develop the jewelry.
We showed the first group of 40, 8 x 10″ print/paintings along with our jewelry at Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco in May 2009. To get 40 finished pieces (that we could agree on), we made over 150. We think the back and forth dialogue with the print/paintings is as interesting as the jewelry collaborations that we’ve made for the last 21 years.

There is an opening tonight at Snyderman/Works gallery in Philadelphia of our jewelry and print/painting collaborations.  It’s also the opening of their Fiber Biennial show, so I expect a crowd in spite of the coming blizzard.

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    1. Alita Porter  - February 5, 2010 - 10:20 am
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      I really like the piece in your photograph. Even though it is a print, it reminds me a lot of the effect that you get when you layer translucent clays over darker colours of clay.

      It sounds like a good way to work between the two of you. I should imagine that you need to have faith in each others skills to have things run smoothly though!

    2. David Forlano  - February 5, 2010 - 12:47 pm
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      Yes this is true. The faith and trust we have in each others skills and artistic vision/ability is something that has taken many years to establish. One of the main things about our work together is that we see things so differently yet are able to allow the other to take the work in a different direction. There are always things that Steve does that I do not understand or connect with yet the years of collaboration has shown me it is ok to sit back and let these developments unfold as they will. This is the learning and shaping of a collaboration.

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