Fauvism and the Squiggle

Fauvism and the Squiggle

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We have brought back the Squiggle Necklace.

In an article published in Artcanvasmodern.com there is a brief introduction to Fauvism in painting and how color played a big part in it’s definition.   The group of squiggle parts pictured above next to Helen Frankenthaler’s painting, Tutti Fruitti draws a connection in color thinking.  What attracts me to these colors is best said in this quote from the article on Fauvism:

“This sense of optimism and the celebration of color and pleasure are associated with the aims of Fauvism. Fauvism’s liberation of color from symbolic overtones and its view of color as a way to express vitality and well-being are compelling messages carried forward in much of Frankenthaler’s work as well as in American Color Field painting in general.”

We often see this sense of “vitality and well-being” in the reactions of people who wear our squiggle necklace.  The squiggle necklace is like a three dimensional organic puzzle that is activated on the body as it is worn. The article goes on to describe Frankenthaler’s painting:

“In Tutti Frutti, Frankenthaler has placed large, organically shaped patches of red, orange, blue, yellow, yellow-green, blue-green and teal adjacent to one another in a puzzle-like arrangement. The bright colors play off of one another and interact with one another in an exaggerated, good-humored way.”

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    1. Patty Kimball  - July 23, 2017 - 7:59 pm
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      Interested in the squiggle necklace.

      • admin  - July 24, 2017 - 1:34 pm
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        Hi Patty, Are you interested in buying one? They are available thru The Artful Home website in multiple colors. If that’s not your question, can you be more specific? Best,

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