Color in prints and jewelry

Color in prints and jewelry

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Collaged relief print (left), Pillow Cascade Necklace, 2009

Collaged relief print (left), Pillow Cascade Necklace, 2009

As Dave would say, “duh”.

I really like the color combinations of these two pieces.  My confidence with color was pretty low because of comments from an art school professor.   He told me, “it’s obvious that you don’t have any understanding of color”.  My (screw you) response was to work without color for the rest of the year, using the paint as a physical material only.

Now, I find it fascinating how a piece can be one color overall (at a distance), and something more complex and subtle up close.  I made both pieces shown above without Dave’s physical input, but I look at them and see his collaboration with me.  We’re still negotiating what’s mine, what’s his and what’s ours.

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    1. Alita Porter  - February 9, 2010 - 5:44 am
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      I just love the colours and textures in both the print and the necklace. I know what you mean about seeing things differently from a distance.

      I paint abstracts in acrylic and there is such a difference in what you see close up or from the other side of the room! From a distance I start to see things in terms of tone far more than when I am close up.

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