• Desert problems
    Desert problems
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    It’s been an ongoing evolution to discover how to keep a bracelet securely on while also making it easy to remove.  We have a client living in Santa Fe where the climate is very dry.  She owns one of our beaded hinge bracelets that was designed to be kept closed with a pair of rare…

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  • One of a Kind Chicago
    One of a Kind Chicago
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    This will be our first time showing at One of a Kind at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  It’s got a reputation for having loads of visitors.  We have 100 passes good for two people.  If you’d like one sent to you, please let us know. Thursday, December 6,  11:00-8:00 Friday, December 7, 11:00-8:00 Saturday,…

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  • Philadelphia Craft Show
    Philadelphia Craft Show
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    Our best selling event of the year has always been the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.  Last year we saw the best sales that we’ve ever had in the last 30 years.  This year, the event is in it’s 42nd year, and is one day shorter because of Halloween.  The Opening Preview party is…

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  • Figuring it out
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    We had an exceptionally successful time selling work at the Philadelphia Craft Show this year.  Thinking that we must have done something right this time, we’re trying to figure out what that something was. The truth is that it was probably due to forces beyond our control, but still, I like to believe that some…

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  • How many Hydros?
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    I sometimes have a problem with self discipline–which is not good when you’re self employed.  I tend to flit from one thing to the next in the studio, so anything that gets me to stay at my clay table is a good thing. “Watching” (or rather listening) to Netflix on (my iPad with headphones) tethers…

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