• Necklace like Nouveau
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    Gold Green Tulip Necklace, 2011 Our work is often taking clues from nature. While forms, colors and patterns serve as an inspiration to us it is not our intention to create literal translations of these things.  This series of necklaces created with hollow forms of polymer clay touch on the decorative art movement of Art…

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  • Fauvism and the Squiggle
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                            We have brought back the Squiggle Necklace. In an article published in Artcanvasmodern.com there is a brief introduction to Fauvism in painting and how color played a big part in it’s definition.   The group of squiggle parts pictured above next to Helen…

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  • A Cluster of Pins
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    This cluster of  “hydro-top” pins is the first batch of the year.  They start with the silver hollow tops made on a hydraulic press by Maryanne Petrus in Philadelphia. They are sent to David in Santa Fe where the polymer clay is made to fit each and specifically designed in response to patterns in the…

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  • Art Jewelry Forum
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    http://www.artjewelryforum.org/blog/2010/03/12/diamond-in-the-rough/ We have been featured with a blurb on the Art Jewelry Forum blog with this Brooch from 2006.  This was part of a series including diamonds and gold in our work.

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