A Blast from the Past

A Blast from the Past

A Blast from the Past

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Recently, we got a brooch back from a client that needed repair. This pin was one of the very first ones that we made that combined sterling silver and polymer, so the year must have been 1999.  It was marked on the back with CZC which was our old business name, City Zen Cane.  We had not yet started using Ford/Forlano.

The catch on the back side had broken off.  We wanted to replace the early pin stem solution with our new and improved one. Maryanne Petrus, our longtime metalsmith, made the original pin. She said that it was difficult to remove the clay because “I really made this to last a lifetime”.  She originally hammered in the bezel to conform to each nuance in the clay.  But she succeeded and remarked the back of the pin with updated signatures and hallmarks to note the history of the piece.

The client who owns it is anxious to get it back.  She quipped, “I’m already in god’s waiting room, and I don’t buy any green bananas”.                                   

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